Waste to Energy

With this solution we can elevate the percentage of recycling from the actual one, between the 15 /30 %, to 95 %. This is a successful and proven technology with several installations during the past three years. Now the roll out in different countries has started.

In Spain we are promoting the solution in Ibiza as a first deployment, been one of the island were almost no recycling exist for the rejection section of the waste.

Basically the Attritor Mill uses the micronization technology, consisting in reducing the size of the waste till a minimum and eliminating, by a mechanical method and in a short time, the bacteria and chemical components that produces the odour. Also it reduces the volume to 50% getting as a result a dry combustion product that can be stocked and be used to generate electricity or heat without the environmental problems of the incineration. This product is standardized as CDR class 3 and meets the norm UNI EN 15359 that allows to be used in the traditional central thermal plants to produce electricity.

So this is our value proposition:

One Island as Ibiza could turn the tremendous problem of a saturated landfill and odour in an advantage by subsidizing the electricity consumption with the sale of the product obtained, without environmental impact, from its own waste.