About Us


Energy Window performs, among others, the role of broker in renewable energy projects by providing the knowledge to find the best agreement between buyer and seller.

Additionally we are project developers and independent business consultants in renewable energy: solar, wind, biomass and waste to energy.

Energy Window, its partners and collaborators accumulate many years of experience in the development, management and financing of projects. The experience and good relations combine themselves to serve our customers in order to achieve, as soon as possible, the operation stage of the project.

Energy Window aims to be the "window" through which investment funds, developers and product suppliers identify renewable energy opportunities.

If necessary we participate in the development, financing, construction and operation, offering our knowledge to our partners in all project phases.

Moreover, we promote and represent specific products in solar, wind and biomass and that allow us to remain at the forefront of the various technologies.

We chose renewable energy as our business in our conviction that energy and environment are the foundations on which rests the future of the planet.